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Feb 28, 2018

Last week Amanda Palmer performed in JHB, and we got to interview her about children, peyote, drag queens and meeting your idols. Thanks to everyone who sent questions via voice note ❤

Feb 23, 2018

We’re talking about the do’s and don’ts of living alone, including sleeping with the neighbors, taking out the trash and basically staying alive. We’re also talking about the worlds worst mascots - Fergie and Waterwise.

Feb 15, 2018

That chuckle. That middle finger. That state capture. How does one condense the myth, the man, the legend into one blurb? Sometimes, the simplest words say it best: JACOB ZUMA JOU POES.

Feb 13, 2018

Unless 90s Leo DiCaprio is jumping out of a cake for you, who cares about Valentine’s Day? We’re talking about our worst V-Day experiences. Also, Kylie Jenner gave birth and our sources (Kris) tell us the baby’s first words were “IT’S TODD CRANES”

Feb 8, 2018

We’re talking about hashtag activism and war news coverage, plus Yeezy Season 6 and why South Africans are so salty about Chance the Rapper.